Milk Crate Seats

Thanks to Pinterest and handy friends, my classroom is slowly getting a make over. Tonight’s project were these cute milk crate seats that I saw some others posting on Pinterest.


Seeing as I’m not the handiest person, I knew I’d need to team up with one of my gal pals who knows how to use a saw. I’ll admit, the price of the project added up fast. But it was totally worth it and the final project looks awesome!

Our list of supplies included:
-milk crates (purchased at Walmart– approximately $4 each)
-a large sheet of wood from Lowe’s (approximately $25)
-fabric from Hobby Lobby (approximately $15)
-foam (ugh… sadly costing about $45)
-ribbon for pull-tabs ($3)
-staple gun
-utility knife (for cutting foam)

Like I said… It added up fast. But I ended up with enough material to make about 10 ottomans, as well as a bench that measures 6′ long. Premade ottomans at Target and Walmart run $15-$20 each. Which means I would have spent $200+ just on ottomans had I gone that route. This way saved me about $100-$150. I’ll take it.

Here is a little glimpse at our process/ finished project.









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