Teach at a tech-savvy school? Have access to a webcam? Consider doing a Mystery Skype.

I discovered this brilliant idea via Twitter today. And I do mean, Brilliant!!

Here’s how it works:

-Your class connects with another class somewhere in our nation or world. (Teachers are developing Wikis to help get you connected, links to be added.)

-Each class exchanges ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to try to determine the others’ location. (Example: “Are you east of the Mississippi River?”)

-Students work together to create new questions, record responses, and narrow down the location.

Sound cool? I agree and like I said — brilliant!

I’ll add more to this activity idea once I test it out with students and determine how to group kids and assign jobs.

I’ll leave you with an inspiring video of 7th graders in action conducting a Mystery Skype:

Mystery Skype — YouTube Clip


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