Creating a Better Tomorrow

Equality has been a hot topic this summer across the United States. From the Congressional floor to the kitchen table, people are discussing everything from women’s rights to same-sex marriage. In many of these conversations, people reflect on our nation’s history, the barriers we have overcome, and beliefs that may be holding a nation from moving forward. As with any mainstream topic, I always brace myself for whether ‘kitchen table talk’ will spill over into our classrooms. It is no new discovery that kids are sponges — ready to absorb any information, opinions, or beliefs presented by those they look up to most. As educators, parents, and basic members of society, we must consider the examples that we set and how our words and actions may be processed by our youth. After all, these children will be running our nation one day.

This video is one outstanding example of how kids are interpreting the words and actions of others.

Kids React to Interracial Cheerios Commercial


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